Active Grants

Peer reviewed


CIHR (2009)

"Randomized controlled trial of 9 months of INH vs 4 months of rifampin for treatment of latent TB infection"

Co-Investigator (Principal Investigator: Dick Menzies)

Co-Investigator Funds

(over 7 years)



CIHR Network Environments for Aboriginal Health Research (2010)

"Access to health research: Participation and Empowerment of Aboriginal Peoples in research to improve health and well-being".

Co-investigator (Principal Investigator: Cora Weber-Pillwax)

(over 2 years)


CIHR (2011)

"A randomized trial to compare effectiveness of 4 months rifampin (4RIF) with 9 months isoniazid (9 INH) in the prevention of active TB in children, the P4V9 trial".

Co-Investigator (Principal Investigator: Dick Menzies)

(over 5 years)


CIHR (2011)

"Evaluation of Potential Biomarkers of Successful Treatment of Latent Tuberculosis".

Co-Investigator (Principal Investigator: Dick Menzies)

(over 3 years)


CIHR Open Operating Grant (2013)

"Reducing the burden of tuberculosis in the foreign-born through an expanded program of post-landing immigration medical surveillance: a nation-wide study in Canada, 2003-2010".

Principal Investigator

(over 3 years) 


CIHR (2013)

"Modelling the Impact of Intervention for Tuberculosis Control in Inuit Communities".

Co- Investigator (Principal Investigator: Kevin Schwartzman)

(over 1 year) 


CIHR (2013)

"Informing the Strategy Against Tuberculosis for First Nations On-reserve: Evidence from the DTT Project".

Principal Investigator

(over 2 years)